A Failed Execution?
(She couldn't find a Wacko in DC?)

How can the public be kept informed
Of the location of Wacko's like Cruz 24 hours a day
So that if a Wacko shutdown or shootdown is suddenly called for,
No Wacko is missed. They'll all be blown away?

No Tea Baggers left in the Senate to shout
To their House cronies, "You'd better watch out
Those Newsmax.com polls we had come to rely on
May have only included voters that we had our eye on.

"With our help and yours the NRA has made sure to arm
The voters that Newsmax chose not to count,
Whose intent is now to do Tea Baggers harm.
All of whom Teddy failed to take into account."

What a waste of resources. That Connecticut lady
Drove all the way to DC and couldn't find Cruz?
Using up so much of our rare fossil fuels?
If her target was one Wacko, way too many BTUs.

Bob Carlson

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