Aetna's Spooks
But will No. 2 try hard enough?

Blackwater's bozos banned? Good gracious!
Were they obsessivly pugnacious
To warrant Terminating them from Twitter?

Despite The Twitter Team's entreaties,
Too many Tweets in search of Tweeties
Who Aetna thinks may be runts of the litter

And doesn't want to risk insuring –
Their runtiness could be enduring,
But with Backwater blacked out, how'll they know?

Current Facebook photos cheat,
Unlike a confidential Tweet
That hints at what we've managed to outgrow.

Blackwater's been their Twitter searcher,
Reporting who to kill or nurture,
Their Sarah Palin Panel that decides whose Daddy dies.

Now they badly need Panetta
To join their runtiness vendetta
Though his CIA's a bunch of Torquemada guys,

Who aren't cognizant of Twitter,
Though the phrase runt of the litter
Is something they have heard a lot of late.

But once they, too, have searched,
Will they also be besmirched
For the spooky fate to which they gravitate?

Bob Carlson

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