An Oklahoma Whore
(Inhofe subbing for S. Fred Singer?)

Inhofe, the Oil Mafia's personal whore,
Is only too well aware what they're paying him for.
Following Republican pollster Frank Luntz's playbook to a "T",
Inhofe's more shameless than even Fred Singer could be.

Misrepresenting accepted scientific conclusions,
Lying so easily , Inhofe distorts the facts,
Fighting what's probably the strongest scientific consensus ever
So that fossil fuel abusers don't pay a CO2 tax.

Peer reviewed papers using Jim Inhofe's twists
Aren't being submitted, yet Inhofe persists.
It no longer matters when Fred Singer's at loggerheads.
Sadly for Inhofe, old Fred's lost his creds.

Bob Carlson

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