Are Arsonists Ready?
(For the tea that Cruz brews?)

Are their listings prepared? Are their grievances aired?
How has their put-upon citizenry fared?
Which tea party habitats will they burn first?
Which have the least water for fighting fires?
Doesn't the Lone Star state seem a natural?
The legislature is guilty. It has lots of priors.

So they turn up the heat making fires easy to start?
Who says these idiots are totally without heart?
How many are living in gated communities?
"Rim" fires will be perfect, just like Yosemite's.

Stifling hot in the center where Blackwater protects them?
Protection that claims it's the crème de la crème.
How protective are they when it comes to a fire?
Who won't need water? The boss was a liar.

Who decided what side of the fence they'd be on?
Had it been the outside, they all would be gone.
The outside of a "rim" fire is the place to be.
Not on the inside where Cruz brews their tea.

Bob Carlson

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