Are GMOs What It's Got?
(Let It Rot)

No ID for being GMO free? Let it be!
You suspect GMOs what it's got? Let it rot!
Coke and Pepsi don't dare say what the heck they put in.
Why take a chance when the odds are they're guilty as sin.

That Monsanto has cautioned them what not to admit,
That the public's not buying the federal permit
That says GMOs are as safe as they'll ever be,
If you don't react to RoundUp too disastrously.

How many sugarbeet growers have died
Because of the Roundup they have applied.
Growers need more and more to combat resistant weeds
Which is way more than any soft drink drinker needs.

Sure they've got ways to take calories out of the sweetener,
But have not gotten the lethal out of RoundUp herbicide,
Not and still have it do what it's supposed to do.
Who's kidding who? It's eugenicide.

Which might be the reason they're reluctant to label.
Not just reluctant but have fought tooth and nail.
But when obese kids start dropping like field workers,
Guess who is most likely to end up in jail?

Monsanto who planned it? Regulators who've not banned it?
Or those who've not warned us with labels as they bottled and canned it?
Without a label saying "No GMO!"
What can you do but suspect and say, "NO"?

Bob Carlson

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