Are You Ready For The Koch Eugenics?
(If not now, how soon?)

Big money is for it? Some scientists adore it?
But most of the rest of us had better abhor it
If we want to be around to see how it goes,
To make sure that we can still wiggle our toes.
What? You could care less what Eugenics is about?
Wait till you see what the hell they cut out.

Andrew Carnegie, Mrs. Harriman, and the Rockefeller Foundation
All thought it wonderful until World War II.
Get rid of riffraff, unfit and undesirables
Until Hitler demonstrated what ethnic cleansing could do.

Now who besides the Kochs would deny poorer people the right
To reasonable healthcare and rhe right to have kids?
When will they demand low income sterilization
Putting the right to reproduce up for bids.

Forbidding the marriage of those they think might inherit
Undesiraable traits or costly diseases,
Or quite arbitrarily anything they don't like?
A foreign accent? Whatever displeases?

When will they announce this? When will they come clean?
And make clear their America will be lean and mean?
That only the wealthiest one percent will survive
When they finally are ready to enforce their jive?

Bob Carlson

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