At War Against Frackers
(Against the water thieves)

Fire bombs or napalm may seem a bit drastic
For fighting frackers, but the results are fantastic:
A glorious blaze at every faucet or crack
Until frackers concede it's not worth fighting back

With million dollar claims that they were defamed
By stories of two hundred watt faucets for which they were blamed.
But fire bombs and napalm aren't that handy to protesters like us
For throwing greedy oil and gas frackers under the bus.

How many faucets must be burning "their" gas
For their attorneys to decide that they'd better pass?
All it takes at each faucet is one wooden match
For frackers to be advised against a rematch.

The aura of guilt will be ever so strong.
The world will conclude that the frackers are wrong.
Frackers will discover that the public is not so naive
That buying the Congress will buy them a reprieve.

Bob Carlson

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