Attention All Birthers
(A new call to arms)

Kenya or Canada? Who cares a fig?
Does it really matter to the guy with the wig?
Why be concerned with his country of birth.
More important this time, was Cruz born on this Earth?.

Aliens in Texas are bad enough.
We depend upom Randi to deal with that stuff.
How did Bushie get out? Where was Randi then?
Cruz is even more dangerous. Clearly an alien.

You think Boehner has trouble killing Obamacare?
If Crusz gets out and brings his constituents to bare:
Two-headed goats? With twice the votes?
And many more media for all the goat quotes?

Just like Obama, Cruz is primarily talk,
But his ideas are alien and he knows we would balk.
Renounce his citizenship north of the border?
Wow! For someone like him that's an awfully tall order.

Had your fill of rhetoric during the Obama years?
Cruz and his two-headed goats will reduce you to tears.
There's something about aliens that turns birthers off.
Is that possibly why so many are repulsed by Jim Inhofe?

Bob Carlson

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