Avoiding Koch Crap
(There are lots better buys.)

Thinking of buying a product from Koch?
How much will you find that you've overpaid?
Shoddy materials and perhaps even workmanship?
How do you think all their billions were made?

It's best to avoid anything that the Kochs manufacture,
Anything that they've had anything at all to do with.
Despite whatever claims they make regarding the quality,
Like their lies about evertything else, they're a myth.

The Kochs are the billionaires who delight in ripping us off,
Always charging more than something is worth,
Always getting the most they can possibly get,
Much more than anyone else on this earth.

So what is the answer to cutting the Koch Brothers down to a size
That we're able to deal with and can tolerate.
Try not to purchase items with which they're involved
Look for competitive prices and better quality. Discriminate!

Bob Carlson

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