Big Congressional Cheeses
(Make the millions)

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knew all the right people.
Everyone acknowledged that she had the ins.
Now she's been demoted. John Boehner's in "charge".
And stock trader Pelosi must atone for her sins.

After being allowed to buy stock in Visa's IPO,
Only because she was such a big Congressional cheese,
Pelosi squelched bills for more than two years
Designed to reduce credit card interchange fees.

Visa doubled in price. Pelosi made millions
By keeping reform bills off the House floor
Is that the reason that she was the Speaker?
Can that be what she thought her power was for?

All Nancy needed was a piece of the action.
Investments in natural gas were a tool
For increasing the wealth of her and her husband
As she passed legislation that promoted it as fuel.

Bob Carlson

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