Blame The Contrarians
("It couldn't happen...")

How ironic the GOP keeps trying to cut taxes
For the rich one percent who've McMansioned the coast
While making every effort to deny global warming
So that the oceans rise and make McMansion toast.

And wash away beaches that gals on
Are anxious to stroll hand-in-hand with their match.
Even the beaches in far-off exotic places
Where cruise ships can strand them. There's the catch.

What if some of these gals aren't sure they want children?
They're in their late sixties and hoping they're done.
Wasn't the match that was arranged by computer
Touted and advertised as being for fun?

But the iceberg was huge that they ran into.
Deniers had denied that the glacier would melt,
Then denied that the iceberg could travel that far,
Never considering how a pregnant match felt.

Bob Carlson

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