Blues For Oklahoma
Courtesy of. Red Nebraskans

Red Nebraskans up in arms!
Cries of "Traitor!" from the farms
Descend upon the pawn whom Harry
Helped write his "rogue" obituary.
Nebraskans think they want to pay?
Ben didn't see it quite that way.
They hate the smell of what he's doing
And view it as a royal screwing.

They look Reid's gift horse in the mouth
And scoff at Jim's demented South
Where DeMint's afraid they'll Unionize.
But swears he won't apologize
If al Qaeda's undie bombers
Make work for unemployed embalmers.
That's if they find sufficient pieces
Of Jim's frequent flying nieces.
DeMint's what undie bombers need
Along with CIA help to succeed.

But Blue Ben's problem's Reid's fine print,
And not spook secrets, or DeMint,
Or helping Harry lay the blame
When Ben's returned from whence he came.
How long can Harry spin Blue Ben?
Two years past two thousand ten?
Blue Northers and Blue Ben's aroma
They'd sooner see in Oklahoma.

Bob Carlson

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