Buffett: All-purpose Expert?
(Another "Merchant of Doubt"? Another S. Fred Singer?)

Buffett dislikes Obamacare so much that he's not buying in.
Has he put a "No Buy" on it for his kith and kin?
Why shouldn't you sign on? Just because he won't buy?
Don't you like seeing Cruz, McConnell and John Boehner cry?

How much like Buffett's are your circumstances?
How much are his resources akin to yours?
Need both hips replaced? Is your problem like his?
Which hospital would you prefer that your doctor procures?

Why should we listen to Warren Buffett?
Why should we give a darn what he has to say?
In most cases it won't be applicable to us.
Just ignore the old geezer when he makes a fuss.

Buffett knows as little about healthcare as Singer does about climate
And all of the sciences he's pontificated upon:
A former physicist who defends tobacco smoke,
    ozone depletion and acid rain.
If science evidence is pro, S. Fred Singer is con.

Bob Carlson

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