Bush Interviews Mullahs *
Sung to the Harold Arlen tune
"Between the Devil And the Deep Blue Sea"

Iran mullahs?
Won't-talk-man mullahs?
Alberto says defang 'em,
   hang 'em from the nearest tree.

Not to kill 'em –
He just wants to grill 'em
To find out where they've put their
   nuclear facilities.

Of course no way will anyone disclose
Where they're quizing mullahs without clothes,
Or indicate who's authorized the teams
To take persuading to extremes.

We're outsourcing
Any hint of forcing
Reluctant mullahs to expose
What Wolfowitz may want to see.

* The New Yorker - Feb.14 & 21 2005
Jane Mayer - "Outsourcing Torture"

Music by Harold Arlen
Original Lyric by Ted Koehler
Alternate Lyric by Bob Carlson

To 'Policies - Torture'
To 'Co-conspirators - Romeo Gonsalves'