Can't MRI Manhattan?
But Doctor Mary Ruth Incorporated tries

She's no ordinary doctor.
Do any still exist?
She won't treat kids for measles,
Only ailments that persist,

Ripe for years of costly treatments
In her MRI machines.
Mary Ruth Inc. doesn't do
Preventative vaccines.

Shots once a year in John Doe's bum
Don't help her bottom line.
As much as weekly MRIs
Make Viagra sperm benign.

For the guy she's radiating,
Not his wife who's home with four,
MRI vasectomy
Machine time is a bore.

Except those weeks the power fails
And Mary Ruth Inc.'s chores begin:
Can't MRI Manhattan?
Preach self-discipline.

Pro-lifers pray for power loss
Yet curse abortions for the rich.
While Blue Dogs waste time yapping –
Without big litters bitches bitch.

Bob Carlson
with a nod of thanks to Leonard Cohen

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