Caps On Congress?
(Are they represenative of more than the top i%?)

Public means something your naeighbors and you
Paid taxes for and have access to.
But not taken care of and well maintained
Who stops going Public? Whose interest will have waned?

The top one percent who can afford to go private
Either does so, or starts privatising whatever they can
By increasing tolls, user fees and tuition
Until Public's priced out of reach of the common man.

What we once called Public no longer really is.
Inequality took hold and gave the less fortunate the biz.
How well-off are the birds that we send to Congress?
Is that's what's contributing to the current mess?

If they're in the top one percent, or getting too close,
No way can they possibly adequately diagnose
The need for endeavors that will benefit the most
And prevent the world from being reduced to toast.

Bob Carlson

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