Caretaker? Caregiver?

Are you a caretaker of all living things you can see?
Birds, plants, trees and animals as well as your family.
Think hard, Are you doing the best job that you can?
Fulfilling your reaponsibility as woman? as man?

Look at magnificent trees over eighty feet high,
Reaching beautiful leafy limbs up to the sky.
They've been around longer than you and I.
But it's up to us whether they continue or die,

As huge as they are, their fate's in our hands,
As are the rescue dogs and cats we take in,
Completely dependent on our care and our love,
Responsibilites that we face with a grin.

Do our representatives that we send to Congress?
How caretakerish do most of them feel?
Will they sit there and argue while they cook bees, kitties and trees?
Isn't it time they woke up and got real?

Bob Carlson

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