Corruption In Afghanistan?
The Contagion

Corruption in Afghanistan?
    Complaints about the voting?
Aren't Scalia's hanging chads
    and years of Bush worth noting?

Is Karzai any worse than Bush?
    He's just as ineffective -
A puppet with his cronies
    from history's perspective.

We've not seen Congress throwing stones.
    People in glass houses
Risk transparency as well as
    devasted spouses.

This is Washington, DC, my friends,
    the land of milk and money:
Lobbyists with Liebfraumilch
    and money for a honey.

Afghanistan has poppies.
    DC has poppys too:
Papa Johnny Edwards
    with a paternalistic view.

So who's Karzai's Scalia?
    Who's his Jimmy Baker"
Who's his Katherine Harris?
    Who's his Cheney undertaker?

Bob Carlson

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