Ménage à Trois
Paulson, AIG and Goldman

Paulson in cahoots with Goldman?
    You've got to be kidding.
Who would dare imagine that
    he'd do Blankfein's bidding?
How many years can it have been
    since old Hank labored there?
How many would remember
    a measly multi-millionaire
Who'd help them take out Bear Sterns,
    then do Lehman in?

Gone and long forgotten,
    it's been sev'ral years at least.
Lloyd, their current CEO's
    a wilder wildebeest,
Taking on more leverage
    and risking getting fleeced,
But knowing who to turn to
    to keep his options greased,
If first they took out Bear Sterns,
    then did Lehman in.

Lloyd bought Credit Default Swaps.
    Did Paulson say he should
Despite the likelihood that
    AIG could not make good?
Maybe 'yes' and maybe 'no',
    but what we know for sure
Is when the bad stuff hit the fan,
    Lloyd loved l'affaire d'amour,
As first they took out Bear Sterns,
    then did Lehman in.

AIG paid Lloyd in full
    with our taxpayer dollars.
Was Goldman Capistrano to
    the Fed and Paulson's swallers?
Was bringing home the bacon
    Paulson's mission all along:
Get rid of Fuld and Lehman;
    sell Bears Sterns for a song?
'Cause first they took out Bear Sterns,
    then did Lehman in.

If buddies can't be counted on
    to bend the rules a bit,
Would Blankfein's Bonus Babies throw
    a town hall hissy fit?
Their competition's disappeared.
    Now Goldman's in like Flynn.
For Paulson helped take out Bear Sterns,
    then did Lehman in.

Bob Carlson
with a nod of thanks to Leonard Cohen

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