Mandatory health insurance
    without a public plan?
Blue Cross is ecstatic.
    "Thank you Congress Candy Man!"

Force all chumps to be insured
    where we're the sole insurer –
An insurer's dream come true.
    We're our own judge and own juror.

Whoop-de-do! At last we'll have
    a captive clientele.
We'll soak 'em if they dare get sick;
    less for staying well.

No public options that compete?
    Our co-ops stay too big to fail.
We'll fleece the public when they ail,
    and skin them when they bail.

We'll do what BofA and Citi do
    with threats to close them out.
Hire lobbyists to make sure Baucus
    knows he can't survive without

Monkeys making millions
    from Healthcare and The Street.
Like Wall Street's gambling chimpanzees,
    we're in the catbird seat.

Bob Carlson

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