Geithner's Croatian Asylum
Provided by AIG's Benmosche

Why is Timmy so reluctant
    to resign before he's fired?
Does he think that we don't know
    he's secretly been hired

To lobby Congress pleading
    for a vote of confidence
Although his deal with AIG
    reeked of incompetence?

The AIG board's vetting of
    Benmosche had not revealed
The millions it would cost to have
    his arrogance concealed,

Like Benmosche's insistence
    on using Air Force One
When and if Obama's
    "World In 80 Months" is done.

With Geithner being criticized
    as a "Treasurer-with-Flaw",
He could end up with Benmosche,
    in trouble with the law

And forced to seek asylum
    in Benmosche's Croatian lair
Hiding from the IRS's
    warrants for the pair.

Bob Carlson

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