Obama's Gulf War –
Juggling Blowout Preventers
Saving rental bucks on Relief Well 2

Why's BP acceding to Steven Chu's
Demands for a dangerous juggling act?
Remember how many relief wells they said
They'd drill? Like perhaps two, as a matter of fact.

Drilling has stopped while they fish for a drill pipe
Steve suspects is attached to the old BOP.
Multi-ton blowout preventers are bitches to move,
Even when not clung to by blowout debris.

Which are they moving? First one that failed them,
So Allen can figure out who was to blame.
How anxious is BP to turn the thing over?
You think they'd prefer a drawn out guessing game?

Where in the world could they find a replacement
That they could afford, that costs minimum bucks?
Maybe the one on RW2?
Not making do with what they've got sucks.

Why worriy that BP is going to need two?
At the rate they are going? A Chinaman's chance –
If Chu holds them up till Obama leaves office,
Having read Mitch's mind on delays in advance.

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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