More on The C.I.A. Torquemadas in Rhymed Verse
“Discombobulated At The C.I.A.”1/5/10
“Underemployed C.I.A. Virgins”1/4/10
“C.I.A. Concessions”1/3/10
“Blues For Oklahoma”1/2/10
“Joe Lieberman's Alphabet Soup”12/31/09
“Aetna's Spooks”8/21/09
“Whores, Pimps And Johns”8/21/09
“Torture's So Republican - II”5/21/09
“Goss & Bushie: Worse & Worser”4/24/06
“C.I.A. vs. Shia”12/13/05  (Anything You Can Do)
“C.I.A. Voltages”  (That's My Desire)12/12/05
“Junior Loves Swanner”  (Swanee)12/11/05
“Bush Okays Chinese Water Torture”  (When The Midnight
     Choo-Chho Leaves...)
“Too Hot For Bush”  (Too Darn Hot)8/5/05
“Goss's Ideas”6/23/05
“I Run The Gulags Of Our Times”  (I've Got A Pocketful Of Dreams)6/7/05
“Extraordinary Rendition”3/10/05
“If I Don't”  ('Tain't Nobody's Biz-ness If I Do)3/9/05
“Wizards Of Oz”2/28/05
“Bush Outsources Torture”  (On A Slow Boat To China)2/11/05
“Bush Interviews Mullahs”  (Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea)2/9/05
“George To George”  (It's All Right With Me)7/11/04
“Goodnight, Tenet”  (Goodnight Sweetheart)6/13/04
“My Politickin' Spy Guy”  (Ain't Misbehavin')8/11/04