Obama's Afghanistan –
C.I.A Funds Karzai Corruption
Why be clandestine?

Our C.I.A.'s funding Hamid Karzai's corruption.
Is that where we want our tax dollars to go?
Are we OK with their contractor spies?
With Blackwater? Maybe.
     With Karzai's thugs? No!

When WikiLeaks leaks their names to The Times,
Will the Taliban help to reduce Leon's cost
Of fielding a team of non-English speakers?
Translation is risky.
     Who knows what's being lost?

Not just to Dubai and Swiss bank accounts
Which have long been a problem with Karzai et al.
Though Visa and Mastercard can handle it,
Look what it's doing to little PayPal.

Disgruntled generals, who do know the language,
Might welcome a chance to pretend to be spies,
And work at Langley as well-fed controllers
To boost its consumption of Mrs. Smith's pies.

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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