Fleeced By Physicians
Generating higher medical costs

Public? Private? health insurance –
    Does it really matter?
Both have helped physicians' incomes
    grow obscenely fatter.
The party making payments
    should'nt be of more concern
Than avaricious doctors
    dissatisfied with what they earn.

They'll buy an ultrasound machine
    so they can do the scans
And keep insurance payments out of
    someone else's hands.
Does this result in fewer scans,
    or more likely lots more of 'em?
Insurance checks for ev'ry scan?
    No wonder doctors love 'em.

You've seen their infomercials
    on your local PBS.
Their profit on those videos
    is anybody's guess,
Except for Suze Orman
    who is also cashing in
And knows how highly leveraged
    those doctors must have been.

So rest assured the fees they charge
    will have to escalate.
You'll need an office visit just
    to learn that you'll be great.
Insurance pays them for
    each office visit that you make,
Not for a friendly phone call
    and the minutes that can take.

If you're convalescing nicely
    and what you need is more bed rest,
But Doctor Bucks prescribes more pills,
    and yet another test,
Report him to the SEC
    and not his AMA
Who'll claim all doctors have the right
    to pillage and make hay.

Bob Carlson

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