Out Damned Squatters
A follow-up to Lady MacBeth

"Out, damned squatters, Out," we say.
    "Go back where you belong."
The world and Netanyahu know
    that what you're doing's wrong.

Expand for now, but recognize
    who you're expanding o'er:
The people you've tried to displace
    for forty years or more.

It's "Occupation" pure and simple.
    You can't stay forever
No matter how convinced you are
    that God backs your endeavor.

Theology, security,
    and history be damned.
The spot you're in's untenable.
    It's time you squatters scrammed.

Forget our automatic veto on
    those U.N. resolutions.
Your removal is the key
    to mid-East peace solutions.

Did Bibi tempt Obama asking,
    "Where'll they relocate?
How many can a place like
    Buchenwald accommodate?"

But if you stay, you'll be outvoted.
    You'll have little say
When Palestinians get their State
    and find you're in their way.

Why wasn't MacBeth's lady
    just a trifle more specific?
It isn't spots but squatters
    who have tried to be prolific,

But mass producing babies
    with each girl an octomom
Does necessitate an
    unconventional "Shalom".

Bob Carlson

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