Hamid Karzai, Politician
As crooked as they come

Karzai's not only crooked,
    most of his regime's corrupt.
His army's not worth diddly
    and continues to get whupped.

The only thing it's good for
    is to stuff a ballot box.
He's another politician
    who's discovered money talks.

No way he pays the warlords off
    Without outside assistance
He'd be an Ahmad Chalabi
    who's failed to go the distance.

American-Afghan "success"
    will be in short supply
Unless he fears that we'll go home
    and let his troubles multiply

Now's the time to call his bluff:
    "Clean up your act or we pull out!"
His vote-rigging makes it clear
    he's someone we should do without.

Close the Karzai conduit
    so U.S. funds do not finance
His Taliban insurgency
    as well as any further rants.

Bob Carlson

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