Obama's Gulf War –
The Oil Industry Mafia
Where will the beach bunny money come from?

Where's the transparency that we expected?
Who runs the rigs that most likely will blow?
Who owns how many potential disasters?
We voters and victims are entitled to know.

Who is and who isn't prepared for their blowouts?
Who has recovery crews standing by?
Who, like BP, drills their wells on the cheap
And kills their drill teams without batting an eye?

Who flaunts their history of non-compliance?
Safety be damned when accountants know best.
But where are those tankers that suck up the oil?
Or is BP still playing it too close to the vest?

BP is a don in the industry mafia
Whose lobbyists' money for years has coerced
Congressmen, Senators, now even Obama
Into believing we'll be reimbursed

For leaks in Alaska! For Texas explosions!
Or when you go to fill it, they'll blow up your carů
So why let them anywhere near the Atlantic?
Will RICO pay beach bunnies slathered with tar?

Copyright © 5/27/10
Bob Carlson

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