How many million penguins
    must succumb before Inhofe
And his fellow Oklahomans
    find they're not much better off?

Climate change will do unto
    the penguins and his Okies
What Dirty Coal has done and plans
    to do unto the Smokies.

Inhofe denying climate change
    will not have saved the day
For a state that got so dry
    it upped and blowed away.

Oklahomans lacking water
    now have no where else to go –
Like penguins losing sea ice
    they are waiting on death row.

You think that Arnie's going to
    welcome Dust Bowl refugees
When California's drought has got
    his farmers in a squeeze?

Yeah! Like Harry Reid will morph
    into an older Harry Potter,
Wave his magic wand, and pass
    the climate bills he oughter.

Bob Carlson

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