Does Goldman get a discount
    on the ratings Moody's sells?
Does a term akin to nepotism
    perhaps ring some bells?

"Nepotism, certainly,
    is not the proper word,"
Advises Mrs Jeremiah
    Withington III.

"Paternalism, possibly;
    Warren owns a chunk of each."
In this economic crisis
    is one the victim, one the leech?

"No, their financial DNA
    says leech applies to both.
Is Buffett not the saint we thought?
    Look where he pledged his troth.

"Moody's charged for Triple A's.
    Goldman Sachs admits they paid.
Were Moody's ratings fraudulent?
    Why'd Goldman need first aid?"

Who came to Goldman's rescue?
    "Sure, but who invested first?
One of Moody's owners –
    Should we suspect the worst?"

Bob Carlson

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