Rubin, Rubin
Were you thinking?

Robert Rubin, you've convinced us
Idiots don't grow on trees.
Goldman; Clinton; Citigroup;
You became one by degrees.

Robert Rubin, we've been thinking,
Despite supposed claims to fame,
Your Rubin reputation's sinking
And you're the only one to blame.

Robert Rubin demonstrated
As the Citigroup au pair
The importance of Glass-Steagall
To a multimillionaire.

Robert Rubin will not own up
To having been the architect
Of foisting more sub-primes on Citi
And its domino effect.

Robert Rubin claims he didn't
See that Citi had caught fire.
How will History describe him,
Heavy sleeper or a liar?

Robert Rubin's reputation
Has gone to Hades in a basket.
Still in demand as an advisor?
Can't Summers see he's blown a gasket?

Bob Carlson

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