Will Wall Street worship Wackenhut
    for knowing how to party,
Though where and when makes Wackenhut
    appear a bit foolhardy?

Would you hire Wackenhut expecting
    that you'd be protected?
Or that their guards would party lewdly,
    largely undetected?

Guard management's their raison d'être.
    Shouldn't they do better?
They don't, as Hillary has seen
    as she's read POGO's letter.

But Wackenhut's transferring guys,
    who guard nuclear fuels,
Overseas to party with
    The State Department's jewels.

Is Wackenhut the party beast
    beloved by John Belushi?
Not now that they're bisexual –
    John wasn't into swooshy.

Spokesmen ask, "What's wrong with that?"
    But to many Afghans
It's not a sight that they're attuned to,
    even among hired hands.

Bob Carlson

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