C.I.A. vs. Shia
Sung to the Irving Berlin tune
"Anything You Can Do"

Anyone you torture, we'll torture better.
We're taught to torture much better than you!
By Hussein? With more pain!
With free rein? The Ukrain!
A choke chain? And tire chain!
Inhumane? Inhumane!

Anyone that you slew, we'd do in better.
We're taught to do in much better than you!
By Saddam? Bush's mom!
With aplomb? With napalm!
Road-side bomb? Atom bomb!
Vietnam? Vietnam!

We'll remove your thumbnail without from your mom mail!
We'll remove the tonsils of all Sunni consuls.
We can do anything!
And if they die? Mud in your eye!

Anywhere you can sink, we can sink lower.
We have sunk lower, even than you!
Guillotines? New Orleans!
Let 'em drown? Michael Brown!
Make 'em pay? Tom DeLay!
Heads up tush? Sounds like Bush!
Sounds like Bush! Sounds like Bush! Sounds like Bush!

Music & Original Lyric by Irving Berlin
Alternate Lyric by Bob Carlson

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