Class Warfare: The Kochs' Eugenics
(Targeting low income Americans)

Charles Murray writes that anyone's lower income stems from a lower IQ.
Charles is a friend and mentor of Charles and Dave Koch,
The billionaires spending millions to make sure Murray's eugenics come true
By denying healthcare to low income Americans – no joke.

"Eat more fish on Fridays; it enlarges your brain,"
Years ago used to be a familiar refrain.
Is the Kochs' spending millions to attack those with a low income
Their eugenics prescription for making them dumb?

Who devised the questions that determine IQ?
Would they be conservative, white, Republicans if you named a few?
And who would administer them? More of the same?
Are they all anonymous? All with no name?

Here where all men are "created equal", like politicians and other white trash,
What form does the pseudoscience of eugenics take,
Considering Charles Murray, the billionaire Kochs , and the late Teddy Cruz?
What's that you say? Ted isn't brain dead? Who made that mistake?

Bob Carlson

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