Confronting The Water Thieves
(Frackers and Bottlers)

How do you identify an oil or gas fracker?
By the size of the boots he's required to wear
To deal with the amount of water he's wasting,
Existing rivers and streams don't stand a prayer.

What will they do when they exhaust all our water?
When they have pumped it all in the ground?
Ninety percent of it stays down there so deep
It's never available for another go-round.

Unavailable to frackers, to bottlers, to anyone else for re-use.
How will they be punished for water abuse?
Or is there some way we can prohibit both bottlers and frackers
From continuing to play their role of water hijackers.

Legally, or otherwise, they need to be stopped
Before they go any further with our desertification.
An epidemic of arson should settle the frackers,
While bottlers like Nestle are stymied
       by a plague of weird pigmentation.

Bob Carlson

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