Connections Needed
(Who do you know who knows Obama?)

We all should feel sorry for The Brothers Koch,
Unless their financing the Tea Baggers and Ted Cruz was meant as a joke.
Had they gone with Obama they'd most likely have doubled their money,
Earning stupendous returns that taxpayers aren't finding funny.

Didn't have to meet him. Just know somebody who had
And was willing to vouch for the fact that you gave.
Like all who bundled the big Obama bucks,
When grants were disbursed you didn't even have to wave

To remind them you could use even more millions than you already had,
Just so that someone, anyone, thought they weren't throwing good bucks after bad,
Creating new jobs. That had been the intent.
But after it's spent, who's to say where it went?

Two hundred million to PECO. How many jobs? One hundred and two.
Better than Summit Texas Clear Energy's 1.5 billion creating 8 jobs could do.
As a job program those grants and loans were a bomb,
Which The Brothers Koch, had they been part of the action,
    would accept with aplomb.

Bob Carlson

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