Obama's Gulf War –
Conspiracy Theories
Who do you believe?

Their estimate - one thousand barrels a day –
Had to have been every 'Drill, Baby's' dream.
A self-serving guess on the part of BP?
Or was it suggested by Salazar's team?

Only the Feds and BP would concur
On what Hayward claimed was a negligible rate.
Most other experts thought they were low-balling
As Salazar learned from BP's finger of fate.

So too will the public whenever Obama
Reveals why Ken still allows BP to use
A toxic dispersant that makes it much harder
To measure the tar balls that BP's well spews.

Can it be that Obama's a 'Drill, Baby' too?
Can he still believe that Ken hasn't been bought?
Or hasn't been swayed by Oil's MMS toadies?
Will Big Oil be all the support Barack's got?

Bob Carlson

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