Democracies Don't Need Bigger Bribes
(Or bribers)

Give money to a candidate to get what you want?
"Bribery", plain and simple. What else can you call it?
Monsanto and Pepsi, Coca Cola and Nestle,
Show them bribery is illegal and they'll have a hissy-fit.

Bribe your own represesntative? Well why not mine, too?
Shaun McCutcheon is fighting in court to give more money away
Let's check to make sure that his subsequent bribes
Are at least as much as what the court will OK.

Shaun's a big spender. Now let's see what he spends
To get the law changed by Ginni Thomas's friends.
And on the bribing that would have put him in jail,
That all Mitch McConnell Republicans hail.

Let's also see who his fellow corrupters are
So we know who to target as our béte noir.
And know who hopes to be part of the Kochs' Master Race,
So when they're disposed of, we leave not a trace.

Bob Carlson

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