Depopulating America
(The Koch eugenics are hardly pro-life)

Is euthanasia the next step in the Koch Brothers' plan
To use the tools of eugenics to remake the American man?
If you;ve a deficiency in their eyes you're a goner.
God help you if you're not their breed, if you're an Afrikaner.

Low income persons will find their healthcare reduced
Until there are far fewer of them being produced.
Restrictions on low income family sizes will follow,
Plus abortions and birth control pills they'll be forced to swallow.

Eventually it will be your IQ that will determine
If you're a loser like Lee or a winner like Sherman.
Losers they'll eliminate for using too many resources.
They won't want them clogging up their private golf courses.

If this sounds too drastic and not to your liking,
Think what it will do to a do-nothing Congress:
Get the few who remain off their butts to address
The deficits caused when there's no more IRS.

Bob Carlson

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