Despised Deniers
(Climate deniers get it wrong again.)

Who are America's most despised individuals?
Lobbyists who corrupt or politicians they've corrupted?
Who insist on being funded by large corporations?
Will they shut down and go home if their income's abruptly disrupted?

What will happen when Exxon suddenly discovers
Each one of it's oil rigs is now a deep water well?
Will it blame climate scientists for the rising oceans
And borrow Corexit dispersant from BP and Shell?

A fairly cool summer here in the Northeast
Has climate deniers convinced the warming has ceased,
Forgetting Nature's reaction to what they've set in motion:
Melting the Arctic and Greenland, giving Big Oil more ocean

To contend with in the way that Exxon and BP
Are using attorneys to share the cost
Of their ineptness and their carelessness,
Resulting in the miles of prime coastline we've lost.

Bob Carlson

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