Did They Know?
(How many e-mails or how many stem cells?)

Fifty-one thousand five seventy-seven.
That's the e-mails it held till it finally quit.
Like Bush embryo stem cells a few did seem fine,
Until a Republican "scientist" sprayed them with FLIT.

"Quick, Henry" wasn't the call that was needed.
Might bump off some bugs that Monsanto missed
And possibly more we didn't want them to get.
But spraying those stem cells - you think Bushie was pissed?

Not at all. It was as if he couldn't care less,
But idly wondered how he got into this mess.
Me, too, with my debacle with Outlook Express
Won't receive; won't erase; talk about stress!

Bush thought he had it bad? All he needed was,"Fooey"
Gates can't even hear me, nor can his 2nd Louie.
What is so magic about 51577?
You mean one fewer e-mails and I'd still be in heaven?

Should filling my inbox have been such a sin?
I am no Bushie and I'm surely not kin.
I'm damn sick and tired of that foolish grin.
Had it lasted much longer I might have pulled the pin.

Weren't some of Bushie's advisors real "science" guys?
Should a spray can of FLIT have been such a surprise?
Wouldn't you think some of Bushie's guys would have known?
Or at least had a clue as to who to phone?

Copyright © 12/15/13
Bob Carlson

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