Discombobulated At The C.I.A.
Exacerbated by Jim DeMint

That we're secret and clandestine
    is a well established fact.
We're paranoid and fearful that
    someone will steal our act.

With the Bay of Pigs behind us
    we're a real tough act to follow.
Enhanced interrogation?
    Man, we got 'em beat all hollow.

So how the hell could we screw up?
    We surely knew the risk.
But when someone says he's Googled,
    who takes the time to frisk?

But this latest Undie Bomber stunt's
    got us discombobulated.
How friendly will those virgins be
    once they see you've been castrated?

Yet "Terror Hints from Jim Demint"
    warns their candidates:
"Adjust athletic cup support
    before the damn thing detonates."

Bob Carlson

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