Enforcing The Koch Eugenics
(On bankers and politicians using NSA data)

Wall Street had better get its act together.
No blaming defaults and fraud on some inclement weather.
Incompetence like Dimon's will no longer exist.
Lack of control over London Whales won't be missed.

Those who can't hack it soon will be gone
Petraeus won't be the model for how to carry on
Nor will Mike Milken with his eighteen hour days
Although with his high IQ, he probably stays.

Eugenics by Malloy will reduce the fat
He'll make sure that the Koch Boys allow none of that.
Ditto for Congress, both the Senate and House.
They'll tell Vitter to stop philandering; to stop being a louse.

To spend Koch oontributions on a new bedroom rug.
To be satisfied with a sweet wifely hug.
Koch eugenics will eliminate all "off-color" diversions.
Forget ménage à trois and those same sex "perversions."

Murray's convinced them that marriage is only for two
Of the opposite sex. And that's what their eugenics will do.
Innovative derivatives will not be allowed.
Deviants will be part of a vanishing cloud.

To be promiscuous you'll need a higher IQ.
Check first with the Koch Boys to see what you can do.
If once a month is your limit, learn to adjust.
The Kochs' eugenics says nothing at all about rust.

How will they know if you try to stray?
They bought Keith Alexander from the NSA.

Bob Carlson

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