Ensuring Our Own Fukushima
(Will we blame General Electric or the Nuclear Regulatory Commission?)

That General Electric boiling water design,
The one TEPCO used for its nuclear plants
That are giving them such a big bunch of trouble?
Well, utilities here couldn't pass up the chance

To also buy into G.E.'s reputation
For great toaster ovens that Reagan could tout.
Now the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Is casting their me-too decisions in doubt.

It's hard to believe, but its Inspector General
Believes we'll buy into his gobble-de-gook:
"Where is the absolute proof Davis-Besse
Has safety problems that require a close look?"

Isn't his job one of continually looking
And insisting the nuclear industry close
Any facility where there's a danger
That something is wrong so the damn thing overflows?

So filtered vents weren't attached to the buildings
Around the reactors before gas was released
Because the Inspector lacked the courage to face
Up to the guys that he should have policed…

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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