First Enron. Now Entergy?
(The Nuclear Regulatory Commission must love Entergy)

Wayne Leonard, who's Entergy's CEO's making millions
But letting his nuclear plants crumble and leak.
So how much of the NRC staff must he hire
To get the license renewed for each plant past its peak?

Forty years with little or no maintenance is his
Prescription for rate hikes unscrupulously earned:
An NEI gift for utility barons.
Inadequate oversight? Why be concerned?

The National Regulatory Commission
Wasn't, and isn't, and prob'ly won't be,
Till their failure to ensure an adequate back-up
Leads to a Fukushima style catastrophe.

Those Toshiba generators look like they'd work,
But haven't been tested since goodness knows when.
Why risk the lives of federal inspectors?
Expose them to leaks? Well, perhaps now and then.

Who can be certain that stuff's not contagious?
Do you believe Ryan plans to save Medicare?
Then you'll believe in in absentia inspections.
Nuclear plants? Forty-years old? What wear and tear?

Bob Carlson
On Twitter @PBoondoggles

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