George to George
(Sung to the tune "It's All Right With Me")

'Twas the wrong crime
And the wrong chase.
Though I loved your message,
   you were off base.
There's been no trace,
And if you show your face,
   you'll see
That you're finis with me.

Were you punch-drunk?
In a blue funk?
Though you seemed upbeat,
   'twas no slam dunk.
Your advice stunk.
Now we're all sunk
And you're finis with me.

Those tubes weren't reactors.
How dumb could we get?
And lab trailer tractors?
Step right up. Place your bet.

'Twas the wrong game
With the wrong tips –
Your demeanor charming
   with it's quick quips.
They were such pips
Full of horse chips
That you can't be
   shocked to see
That you're finis –
George, you're finis with me.

Music & original lyric by Cole Porter
Alternate Lyric by Bob Carlson