Global Warming 101
(What Inhofe apparently never heard from Gingrich and Singer)

Warmer air holds more moisture for longer periods of time
Giving places like Oklahoma more time to do without.
That could explain why Inhofe's constituents are experiencing
Much longer periods of serious and unprecedented drought.

Then when it rains, wow, does it rain,
Not only harder and longer, it also can flood.
But if Inhofe would notice and take remedial action,
We could start nipping these floods in the bud.

But Inhofe's being paid by fossil fuel powers,
Whose only concerns are theirs, not ours,
And will be until Wall Street has been washed away
By rising oceans, too late for the Congress to save the day.

On what mountain top will the Congress convene,
Safe from the flood waters, but where Inhofe can be seen
Dangling with the noose of a hangman around his neck,
Pleading with God and Rex Tillerson, "Can I have a rain check?"

Bob Carlson

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