Goldman's Trading Strategy
Their Bonus Babies explain

We helped Bear Sterns fall
    making Paulson's day,
Leaving only Lehman
    standing in our way.
Is their demise the reason
    Goldman's come on strong?
All that stuff about our shilling
    longer hours is wrong.

We pay for fast computers
    on the floor of each exchange,
So close they do the peek-a-boos
    we prearrange.
They're greedy for our business;
    so they go along.
But Bonus Babies shilling
    longer hours is wrong.

Machines that do our trading
    are the way to go.
Our idiot savant reaction
    times are way too slow.
So we spend our days at Starbucks
    in the Tower of Song.
Any rumor of us shilling
    longer hours is wrong.

Bob Carlson
with a nod of thanks to Leonard Cohen

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