Grandchildren With Extras?
(Toes and fingers caused by Monsato's Roundup)

How many extra toes and fingers will your grandchildren need?
How many will they end up with because of how you chose to weed?
Herbicides continue to cause such birth defects
Generations and years after the government's program expects.

When the U.S. acknowledges that Monsanto's Roundup
Is as dangerous to farmers as Agent Orange would be
Will Monsanto be able to claim that their "Protection Act"
Absolves them of any and all liability?

As victims of Monsanto's Roundup start dropping like flies,
Will Republicans in Congress start to realize
The evil that Monsanto's lackey, Senator Blunt,
Has done their constituent farmers with his nefariouw stunt?

Why can't farmers hold Monsanto liable for the deaths Roundup causes?
Or the cancers and ailments other nations foresee
Among workers applying Roundup to kill their weeds
As Monsanto advises them to do so religiously?

Monsanto's executives may have long since retired.
With their CEO millions when they should have been fired
Along with the regulators who let Roundup be sprayed
Without arranging to have all females exposed to it be spayed.

Bob Carlson

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