Gypping The Congress
(Especially the Tea Party)

We're using The Congress in a role for which they're not equipped
Sadly it appears that they have been gypped.
They don't have the info and are lacking the smarts,
And nowhere in sight are any replacement parts.

Did we take the precaution of checking IQs?
Or make sure every one of them has a driver ID?
Texas failed to look at Ted Cruz's birth certificate:
A Canadian mole brewing Tea Party Tea?

Wouldn't you think they'd have looked or somehow inquired?
How embarrassing if Cruz should have to be fired.
Rand Paul mis-thinking that Obama's government's grown...
If he'd asked the right people. If he'd only known.

How many misunderstandings we could have avoided,
And saved old Rupert Murdoch from having tabloided.
How much unpleasantness could have been skipped.
Perhaps Coulter and Limbaugh might not have flipped.

Bob Carlson

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